Kuih Keria

Kuih Keria is just a combination of flour and steamed sweet potato flesh, shaped into rings and deep fried. Traditionally coated in a sugar glaze that’s left to crystallize (allowing for a great crunch when you bite into one).

250g sweet potato, cooked and mashed
50g all purpose flour
15g glutinous rice flour
A pinch of salt
1tbsp water or adjust accordingly ( it depends on the type of sweet potato you use)

1. Combine all ingredients and knead till smooth dough.
2. Weight dough 30g each and shape it into small ball.
3. Flatten the ball, made a hole in the middle of the dough, and shape it like a donut shape (don’t need to use donut cutter).
4. Heat oil in a wok, deep fry sweet potato ring over medium flame till golden brown. Dish out and drain.

To coat Kuih Keria:-
1. In another clean pot, cook 1/3 cup sugar and 2tbsp water until syrupy and thick. Add fried sweet potato ring and coat well.
2. Serve warm with a cup of tea or coffee

My note: The above flour and water ingredients just for your reference only, this is because difference type of sweet potato get difference texture of dough, you need to adjust the flour and water accordingly. Sometime I don’t need to add water but have to add more flour instead.