Nyonya's Ang Ku Kuih

Ingredients A:
250g glutinous rice flour
30g sugar
250ml water
75ml oil
some red food colouring

Ingredients B:
50g rice flour
125ml water

300g dried mung bean
250g sugar

1. Soak mung beans for 3 hours and steam for 1 hour. Mash mung beans.

2. Fry the minced mung beans with sugar until well combined.

3. For Ingredients B, cook rice flour with water.

4. Mix Ingredients A with Ingredients B to form dough, add the oil last.Divide dough into 25g each.

5. Wrap fillings with dough. Place the dough into a mould to set it in shape.

6. Steam for 8 minutes at medium heat. Serve.

Green Ang Ku
This is something similar to the nyonya ang ku kuih, it's just that the fillings are different. The ang ku kuih contains mung bean whereas green ku kuih contains green bean.

Ang Ku Kuih Moulds